PostGIS in Action (3rd)
Where the adventure begins

PGConf US 2016 New York City

Introduction to PostGIS

April 18th 2016
2:00 PM - 5:30 PM

We look forward to meeting you in Brooklyn!

We are still making last-minute "enhancements" to our presentation and labs. Please revisit the site before training to download the latest.

In the meantime, please make sure you have PostgreSQL and PostGIS installed on your laptop if you want to run thru the lab exercises. We ask that you install the latest versions of each. We will be presenting using PGAdmin. If your laptop affords you a GUI, we highly recommend that you install PGAdmin.

If you have questions email us at lr at pcorp dot us.

Links to software that we will be using


  • pgAdmin III

  • OpenJump for adhoc PostGIS queries

  • QGIS popular viewing tool for PostGIS

  • ogrfdw is a spatial foreign data wrapper builds on GDAL Spatial ETL You can use it for both spatial data (ESRI Shapefile, OSM, KML, GeoJSON etc) and non-spatial (such as spreadsheets, csv files, dbase files, Web services, relational databases (has both direct and can interface with ODBC) etc. It is packaged with Windows PostGIS application stackbuilder installer and also available via

  • We will also be using NodeJS for viewing 3D. Install NodeJS, make a directory where you'll host the app. Source code for app is

    We'll be using two libraries: express and pg.js. Both are native Javascript libraries, so they are easy to install on any operating system. At OS shell/command line prompt, run the two lines below.

    npm install express
    npm install pg.js

Lab data and scripts

Presentation scripts and data. This was what was presented in training but not part of the lab exercises.

Basic lab data and scripts

Bonus Data for geocoding New York using postgis_tiger_geocoder

Data sources

Some of these are part of the lab or presentation download

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