PostGIS in Action (2nd)
Where the adventure begins

We are working on second edition of PostGIS in Action 2ed for availability sometime in mid 2014. Early purchase review (MEAP) is now available for Second Edition: 15 of 17 chapters now available on MEAP with code and data download on PostGIS In Action Edition 2 Chapters. With MEAP you can get chapter updates as we write them and get the final polished copy at release time in both E-Book and Hard-copy form. Each purchase includes all E-Book versions including E-book version of 1st edition.

Our most recent book PostgreSQL: Up and Running is out in both E-book and hard-copy. You can order hard-copy now from Amazon or Kindle or hard-copy or e-Book from O'Reilly. We are hard at work on the second edition of PostgreSQL: Up and Running as well. Should be out mid 2014 and with focus on PostgreSQL 9.2-9.3.

PostGIS in Action: Web tools for PostGIS

These are a couple of tools that are commonly used with PostGIS for building mapping applications. Some of these we demonstrate in PostGIS in Action and PostGIS in Action 2ed.

For PostGIS raster we developed a proof of concept ad-hoc viewer described in Minimalist Web Based PostGIS 2.0 Raster and Geometry viewer which you can download from: ASP.NET Version and PHP version

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