PostGIS in Action (2nd)
Where the adventure begins

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PostGIS in Action, 2nd edition was released April 16th, 2015 and is available direct from Manning, PostGIS in Action, 2nd Edition via Amazon and other third-party sellers. The 2nd edition comes with free copy of E-book of 1st edition. This second edition covers PostGIS 2.1 and some highlights of PostGIS 2.2. It is about 100 pages longer than the first edition with more comprehensive coverage of PostGIS raster and topology.

If you need help understanding SQL and PostgreSQL special features our PostgreSQL: Up and Running 2nd Edition Hard-copy and E-Book from O'Reilly or Hard-copy and Kindle edition from Amazon is a perfect compliment. The focus of 2nd edition is PostgreSQL 9.3-9.4 and the content has increased by about 60 pages from first edition.

Stay tuned for our next book pgRouting: A Practical Guide published by Locate Press due out in hard-copy 4th quarter 2017. Content is now feature complete and can purchase e-Book draft and get final when goes to print.

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