PostGIS in Action (3rd)
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PostGIS in Action: (ed. #1) Chapter 11 - Using PostGIS in web applications

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  • Chart of common mapping servers and their features
  • WMS and WFS OGC webservices
  • UMN Mapserver 5.6
  • GeoServer 2.0.1
  • Roll your own with PostGIS output functions (ST_AsKML/ST_AsGML/ST_AsGeoJSON) and ASP.NET/PHP
  • OpenLayers and GeoExt - for this we cover OpenLayers 2.8 with GeoExt, setting up GeoServer to publish PostGIS data, setting up MapServer and configuring mapfiles as well as using OpenLayers/GeoExt against a roll your own PHP GeoJSON/KML using PostGIS output functions.

Note that some of the content in this chapter we discussed in our PGConEast 2010 presentation. You can download the slides from our Presentations page.

This chapter is now up on MEAP.

If you have particular items you would like to see covered in this chapter, please post them to our PostGIS In Action Forum

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