PostGIS in Action (2nd)
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PostGIS in Action: (ed. #2) Chapter 4 - Working with real data

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  • Tools for importing/exporting spatial data
  • Importing data from various file/types
First draft is complete and available on MEAP

In this chapter we cover using PostGIS/PostgreSQL command line and gui tools such as shp2pgsql, pgsql2shp and raster2pgsql, OGR2OGR commandline, OSM2PGSQL (OpenStreetMap XML to PostGIS) command line loader. We then provide exercises for downloading, commandline steps for importing in various formats of data with these tools.

The next section of the chapter covers exporting data out of PostGIS with OGR2OGR, GDAL tools such as gdal_translate and pgsql2shp. We demonstrate how to export in various formats: (KML,GPX, ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo, GTIF).

In this chapter we briefly mention the shp2pgsqlgui packaged with PostGIS 1.5+ and augmented in 2.0 to support data export and multi file import / export. You can get more details about how to integrate it in PgAdmin from Registering PostGIS Shapefile and DBF Gui loader in PgAdmin III

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