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pgRouting (a practical guide) 2nd Ed (Locate Press) in Progress.

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The Book of PostgreSQL (No Starch Press)

In Progress
PostGIS Windows Bundle: 3.4.0 - PG 12-16
  • postgis (for loading shp2pgsql, pgsql2shp, shp2pgsql-gui)
  • postgis_raster (raster2pgsql for loading)
  • postgis_sfcgal
  • postgis_topology
  • postgis_tiger_geocoder
  • address_standardizer, address_standardizer_data_us
  • ogr_fdw
  • pgrouting (osm2pgrouting for loading osm data)
  • pointcloud, pointcloud_postgis
  • h3, h3_postgis (now supports raster)
  • mobilitydb (newest extension addition in bundle)

Live demo

PostGIS 3.4.0 latest stable

Works with PostgreSQL 12-16. Available in a package near you.

Can't enable in database with CREATE EXTENSION unless have binaries

  • Available from packagers: (,, Windows Stackbuilder, bsd ports, homebrew) postgis packaged extensions, pointcloud/pointcloud_postgis, pgrouting, ogr_fdw, oracle_fdw, h3/h3_postgis

    Many available via pgxn

  • Support via Database As a Service (DBaaS): postgis extensions (except sometimes not postgis_sfcgal), pgrouting (a lot of the time, but popular ask when not), oracle_fdw (sometimes), ogr_fdw (rarely)

  • Need to compile yourself or use provided container setups, but binary packages coming soon (available for windows already): - mobilitydb

  • Use in container


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