PostGIS in Action (3rd)
Where the adventure begins

PostGIS in Action: Buy Our PostGIS and PostgreSQL books

We are working on 2 books: pgRouting: A Practical Guide 2nd edition and a completely new book on PostgreSQL which we'll give more details of later,

PostGIS in Action, 3rd edition is available direct from Manning and includes e-Book of 2nd edition. The 3rd edition covers the PostGIS 3, 3.1 and highlights of upcoming 3.2 as well as PostgreSQL 12 and 13.

Complement your PostGIS adventure with our network routing book pgRouting: A practical Guide. Covers prepping data for routing, drive time analysis, vehicle route planning, general trip routing, and building a routing web app using pgRouting, PostGIS, PostgreSQL, and Leaflet.js working together. Get the E-Book From LocatePress and hard-copy from Amazon.

Explore in more detail the DBMS that make PostGIS and pgRouting so powerful with our latest book PostgreSQL: Up and Running 3rd Edition covers PostgreSQL 9.4-10 hard-copy and Kindle from Amazon and EBook from O'Reilly.

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PostGIS in Action,3rd edition pgRouting: a Practical Guide SQL In a Nutshell, 4th Edition