PostGIS in Action (3rd)
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FOSS4G 2017, Boston, MA

Problem Solving with pgRouting

August 15th 2017
Afternoon session

We look forward to meeting you in Boston!

We are still making last-minute "enhancements" to our presentation and labs. Please revisit the site before training to download the latest.

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Things we'll cover

  • Loading spatial data with osm2pgrouting and shp2pgsql
  • Making already loaded data routable
  • Solving traveling sales like problems with TSP
  • Using variants of pgr_dijkstra for routing, computing distance matrix, point to point, node to node, and itinerary.
  • Turn Restriction shortest-path (trsp) functions - to apply additional costs to certain paths
  • Using pgr_ksp for finding multiple possible routes.
  • Computing service areas using pgr_DrivingDistance
  • Introduction to vehicle routing problem (we'll be using the upcoming pgRouting 2.5 version for this). You might want to just listen for this to understand the concepts the actual functions may change a bit on final release time.

In the meantime, please make sure you have PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and pgRouting installed on your laptop if you want to run through the lab exercises. We ask that you install the latest versions of each. We will be presenting using PGAdmin, mostly OpenJump, and some QGIS. If your laptop affords you a GUI, we highly recommend that you install PGAdmin.

If you have questions email us at lr at pcorp dot us.

Links to software that we will be using

Lab data

Lab data may change a bit before workshop so check back for latest.

Workshop data (also includes full database backup)

lab database contains all the data we will be using for exercises. Reference data has already been pre-loaded with osm2pgrouting and shp2pgsql. The data folder contains data for loading exercises.

tiger.state.backup this is the US Census 2016 Tiger state table with a subset of field in postgres custom pg_dump format. We'll use as a backdrop, but not necessary. You can restore using pgAdmin restore feature or pg_restore commandline.

Scripts Lab scripts

This is a work in progress, more scripts coming:

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